About Us

Sound Advice creates and produces radio commercials for feature films, television and home entertainment.

This does not mean that we strip the picture from a TV spot and call it radio. It means that we start from the ground up to create a sonic picture that stands on its own and sells lots of product. Our clients call it “cinematic,” which, coming from movie and television people, says a lot. Not everyone can do this as effectively as Sound Advice; we’ve heard them try.

We’ve created award winning feature campaigns for Touchstone Pictures, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros, Sony, Fox, Paramount, Miramax and more. Our award winning work for ABC has helped make icons of shows like Modern Family, Dancing With The Stars, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, and Desperate Housewives. And our home entertainment work gives every title the same high quality and sense of “event” as our feature campaigns.

Everyone is working harder these days to make their marketing stand out. We’re the people who make outstanding radio. You can listen and decide for yourself.

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